Health Products

At Brown Chiropractic, we carry a variety products to enable patients cope with pain, speed up healing, and maintain spinal corrections.

1.  Biofreeze is the #1 clinically recommended product for non-prescription topical relief.  By providing a cooling sensation, this analgesic massage uses the natural effect of Menthol to with conditions of muscle or joint pain.  Whether it be mild soreness or chronic arthritis, with Biofreeze patients are able to gain relief outside our office.  

2.  Improved sleeping conditions often helps reduce pain and improve rest.  Our selection of sleep pillows are sized for the individual.  Many patients have found this elite and affordable pillow to be the good one they have always been searching for.  

3.  Lower back support is crucial to remove stress to the spine.  A Brown Chiropractic we carry two options so you find the support you need.  They improve postures of driving or sitting at a computer.  We have 2 sizes with one being inflatable like a blood pressure cuff.  This enables the back pillow to be customized for you.  

4.  Improving stability of the spine may be helped with having a customized inner sole to your shoe.  At Brown Chiropractic we have a state-of-the-art tool for examination called The Associate.  This gives a computerized analysis that can be sent directly to the manufacturer of Orthotics.

5.  Dr. Brown is pleased to now offer Shaklee products to patients.  Dr. Forrest Shaklee, a chiropractor, was the founder of this company which promoted nutrition years ahead of it's time.  Now Shaklee is focused on transforming people's lives with natural and safe ways to create a healthier lifestyle.